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The Silicone Promotional Products- It always helps!

silicone was quickly adopted by the Advertising Specialty Industry. With it’s pliable form and smooth texture.

And it prints well and imparts a promotion items that will be remembered by your audience.

1.Silicone bracelet-DIY Loom Bands

DIY loom bands, it’s made of silicone!

Yes, it’s hottest gift items in 2014, No doubt! 
When search “diy loom bands” in Youtube, the views is up to 13M.

And it’s also hot in other social media like instagram, Twitter, and pinterest.
Still shocked by that loom band dress made of 24,000 loom bands???

Picture from @SmythsToysIRE.

It is said DIY Rainbow loom band dress selling for $290,000

2.Silicone bracelet&wrist band

When we talk about silicone promotion products. We Can’t leave silicone wristband.

The wristband with silk printing, emboss, deboss, emboss with color, deboss with color, different color, mix color, Luminous.

Then it’s welcomed in International sporting events,Concert, brand recognition for different company etc

3.Silicone smart wallet card holder

Who’s most popular promotion items in 2015, and 2016?
Yes, definitely silicone smart wallet!

Most of us use at least one electronic device every single day.
Promotional technology products continue to be a huge trend that everyone loves to receive.

The smartphone wallet is a hot trend at the moment. This is a compact, branded silicone pocket which attaches to the back of your phone and securely holds bank cards, hotel keys, ID, etc. to reduce the need to carry a full wallet or purse.
They’re ideal for a run or a quick trip to the supermarket.

4.Silicone smart wallet with stand


What makes custom cell phone accessories a hot promotional product?

Because almost everyone has a wireless phone within reach. People with cell phones need cell phone accessories.

As partner of smart wallet. Smart wallet with stand is also amazing.

Besides wallet for card, change, it’s been used as phone stand, cord organizer.

So useful, and multi functional, that’s why your clients will love using them.


5.Silicone houseware items

Silicone house ware items.

Make healthier living choices. make our busy lives easier.

The silicone household items are always welcome and will be frequently used, putting your branding in front of your clients every day.

Print your logo on them, and give it to your target audience. The fresh idea results constant reminder of the company.